Seat & Legs in Canter

Second Year Student

Something incredible happened today!  I had a balanced canter on my horse.  I felt like my horse was light in front and carrying me through the back.  My seat felt deep and my leg solid.  Everything felt so easy.  My transitions were easier; I felt like I could hold my horse up and through the transition and set him down in the new gait.  It was an amazing feeling to have my seat and leg working together in coordination.

My legs, my stomach muscles, and my back muscles all worked together and it felt effortless.  After months of practice, I made the transition of making my body move to allowing my body to move, I have learned how to use my muscles deliberately with relaxation vs. tensing them up, and I am now able to coordinate the use of my seat and my legs. The consequence is my ability to consistently maintain a balanced canter and to execute balanced transitions.  Today I was all smiles.