Pre-Show Thoughts

The day before my last show this season I am relaxed and happy.  That sounds almost too simple, but the most important aspect of incorporating competition into my riding has been to achieve these two goals. 

Right now, I could write about all the ways to prepare both yourself and your horse for a competition.  I could write about test riding strategies.  I could write about how to analyze your ride and use the feedback in both your schooling at home and your next show.  But I’m not.  Because I can’t clutter my brain with too much input right now. 

Right now, I need to hold onto the peaceful feeling gained from our walk through the sun-dappled trees around the pond after my lesson this morning.  Right now, I simply need to ride my test fluidly with relaxation in my mind and let my body feel how I need to ride each movement.  Right now, I need to listen to some music and not think anything at all. 

And as I write these brief words, I have to smile to myself . . . because right now, I actually have to do some bookkeeping tasks before my daughters come home from school.  And then I have to drive one to a doctor appointment, finish up some laundry (just remembered I forgot to wash my show breeches after the last show!), drive another daughter to volunteer at the library, go to the bank, fill up the truck with gas, walk the dogs, make dinner, delegate weekend chores, and . . .